Sculptor Tana Hagen
SculptorTana Hagen

Demibiography of Tana Hagen

Tana Hagen was born in Ketchikan Alaska in 1973 and spent her childhood in the wilderness of various remote islands in the eastern Gulf of Alaska. She has since lived in New York New York, Seattle Washington, Sitka Alaska, Haleiwa Hawaii, and currently resides in Eugene Oregon. 


In her youth, she became preoccupied with with the meaning of gender, the implications of divine as gendered, and later its prehistoric sculptural representation. Her early focus on these iconic prehistoric and universal archetypal images and her childhood immersion in raw nature have informed her work.

Hagen pursued her interest in the visual arts at the University of Alaska Southeast under the guidance of Linda Southwell, and at The University of Hawaii at Manoa with Karen Lucas among others. She works primarily in clay to create figurative sculpture combining archetypal imagery and life. 

She has enjoyed success in numerous juried art shows, fine art gallery representation, and is gaining popularity among art collectors and critics alike.


Meet Tana Hagen and see her work in person. Check for her galleries and exhibitions  here.

"Tana Hagen is quickly becoming one of the most important sculptors of our time. Keep your eye on her and invest heavily in her work.... or at least know her name so you don't sound uneducated during sophisticated discussions."

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